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Most people have a social media account — or several. Staying safe on social media is about more than just securing your password.

Here are some tips:

  • Make accounts private and adjust the limits on what people can see when they view your profile.

    • Keep profile private

    • Hide friends list

    • Hide posts from the public

    • Disable searchability for search engines

  • Don’t publish personal information or travel plans.

  • Don’t post your locations on social media (check-ins at restaurants, geotags on Snapchat, posting you’re going to Walt Disney World Resorts for two weeks)

  • Don’t use social media on a public Wi-Fi connection. Use a VPN whenever you can to stay secure.

  • Use two-factor authentication for accounts.

  • Make sure passwords are strong, don’t use the same one for multiple accounts.

  • Watch out for suspicious messages, they may not be friends and might want your personal information instead of an online connection.