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The following are monthly updates from the UAB Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine Education Division.

Community Outreach

SIGA Habitat Build April 2024 1

The UAB Student Interest Group in Anesthesiology (SIGA) recently held a workday with Habitat for Humanity in a Bessemer neighborhood. There was a great turnout from the medical students along with four of our residents (Drs. Sijay Abongwa, Brittany Hatter, Robert Hammond, and Conner Moss) and two of our faculty (Drs. Susan Black and Mark Trankina). A huge thanks to Carol Anne Hopper who helped organize the event in advance, worked hard onsite, and made sure everyone had plenty of food and water. Work completed consisted of further framing including upper plates, securing of walls to foundation, and starting OSB sheathing of the house.


Broyles Matt crThe Critical Care Medicine Fellowship received 12 applications and has completed 10 interviews.

In an effort to better understand and improve our resident recruitment process, Dr. Matt Broyles is leading a project to survey applicants who interviewed with our residency program. The post-interview survey was revamped, IRB approval was obtained for using the data longitudinally, and the survey was sent out. Currently, there are 55 responses out of 201 applicants. This represents a good response rate for this type of survey.

Resident and Fellow Scholarly Work

Fellows in the Critical Care Medicine Fellowship submitted five abstracts to the Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting, and three were accepted for publication.

Obstetric Anesthesiology

Edu News April 2024 1

Two PBLDs were accepted for presentation at the ANESTHESIOLOGY 2024 (the ASA annual meeting):

  • Uterine Transplant: Drs. Annalese Neuenschwander and Brittney Clark
  • Severe Multiple Sclerosis in Pregnancy: Drs. Neuenschwander, Patrick Hussey, and Hanna Hussey

Dr. Neuenschwander is to be congratulated for her exceptional efforts as a fellow with multiple presentations at two national meetings!


Hammett headshotOSCE preparation was completed, and faculty are currently scoring sessions to provide resident feedback. Thanks to all for this important work to help prepare our residents for the final step in ABA Board Certification, the Applied Exam.

Andrea Hammett, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, presented a study evaluating our Senior Trauma Bootcamp at the ASA Simulation Education Network Meeting in conjunction with the ACS Surgical Simulation Summit.


Congratulations to our research team for recruiting a medical student for a FAER (Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research) Scholarship. William Mao from the University of California, Riverside will be joining our department this summer.