The following is an announcement from Alfred Habeeb Professor and Chair Dan E. Berkowitz, M.D.

As we are all aware, the manpower landscape has changed, making recruitment significantly more challenging. As such, we are obliged to “up our game” when it comes to the entire process of recruitment, from our marketing plan to the ultimate onboarding of our newly recruited faculty and beyond. 

Sherrer MattThis strategy requires a dedicated team, with strategic resources and a commitment to the process and its iterative improvement. Given the importance and urgency of the process, I have asked Matt Sherrer, M.D., M.B.A., FASA, to lead the launch and initiation of this critically important initiative, and be our inaugural Director of Faculty Recruitment. Once the process and program are up and running and on solid ground, we will look to proceed with a search for a permanent leader.  

Dr. Sherrer joined our department three years ago after leading a private practice group in the Birmingham area for a number of years. His investment in leadership led him to recently complete his executive M.B.A. at Samford University. Since he joined the department, Dr. Sherrer has taken on and embraced the role as an informal department ambassador. He has been an active member of our ACTOC Committee, demonstrating extraordinary leadership and courage in the process. He has also led our Wellness Committee and spearheaded the “Transition to Practice” curriculum, engaging our residents in teaching about teaming, leadership, and emotional intelligence. He has lectured nationally on “Collectively Intelligent Teams” and is emerging as a thought leader in this area. 

Dr. Sherrer’s highly innovative ideas and approach to enhancing recruitment caught my attention and the attention of other departmental leadership. Some of his ideas are already being implemented with great success.

We welcome Dr. Sherrer to this role, and encourage everyone to engage and help in this most important activity: building our department with the most outstanding people we can to provide the best care possible.