About the Center

The Comprehensive Cardiovascular Center is currently a UWIRC and is directed by Sumanth Prabhu, MD.  Since its inception in 2012, the CCVC has funded or helped to fund a total of 15 intramural research grants promoting interdisciplinary CV science.  Thus far, as a result of CCVC intramural grant support, UAB has secured 4 NIH R01 grants (R01 HL137046, Hamid; R01 HL133011, Wende; R01 DK096388, Gower; and R01 HL116727, Chen), 1 R56 grant (R56 HL133011, Wende), and 1 NIH R21 grant (R21 HL127599, Zhou).


The CCVC strives to position UAB as an internationally-recognized, premier institution of CV science and to expand growth in cutting-edge research, training, and outcomes. To accomplish its mission, the UAB CCVC pursues the following goals:  1) CV research acceleration and expansion; 2 )education and training in CV science; 3) enhancement of CV research cores and infrastructure; 4) recruitment of key CV faculty; 5) solicitation of philanthropic investment, and 6) community outreach.

T32 Training Grant

The Division of Cardiovascular Disease and CCVC leadership were awarded a new T32 post-doctoral training grant application entitled “Basic and Translational Science in Heart Failure” (T32 HL129948) in April 2017.  This new T32 supports post-doctoral fellows broadly interested in heart failure research (basic, clinical, and population science).  For a listing of our current training faculty, please see the following: Training Faculty  To submit an application for this program, please see the following:  Recruitment Memo

The new 12-week GBS course (GBS 739) associated with this grant was initiated in the summer of 2018 and has had 12 trainees participating during the 12-week course. 

Register for this course here and search for GBSC 739.

2021 Comprehensive Cardiovascular Center and Hypertension Research Center Steering Committees Joint Pilot RFA. Please click HERE more information: 

If you are interested in learning more about the Center, its Cores or becoming a member, contact Megan Pickering, MBA, MPH.

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