2019 Comprehensive Neuroscience Center Retreat
October 3-4
Hilton Birmingham at UAB - Hamilton I and Foyer
808 20th St. S., Birmingham, AL 35205

Registration Closed.

Thursday, October 3
 8:00 AM    Registration and Continental Breakfast 
 8:30 AM    Welcome, State of the Center, CNC Pillars, and NIH Brain Initiative Funding
 9:15 AM    Pillar Overview I
    Glial Biology - Anita Hjelmeland, PhD; Michelle Gray, PhD
Neurodegeneration - Erik Roberson, MD, PhD; Talene Yacoubian, MD, PhD; Ashley Harms, MD
Epilepsy - Farah Lubin, PhD; Lawrence Ver Hoef, MD; Jane Allendorfer, PhD; Rebecca Houser, GBS student
10:15 AM    Break
10:30 AM     Keynote Lecture I
  mcnamara round  James McNamara, M.D., Professor of Neuroscience, Duke School of Medicine
 "Neurotrophin signaling and epileptogenesis: mechanistic and therapeutic insights"
11:45 AM    Lunch
1:00 PM    Pillar Overview II
    Neuroimaging - Adrienne Lahti, MD; Kristina Visscher, PhD; 
Mental Illness - Summer Thyme, PhD
Circadian Rhythm/Sleep - Karen Gamble, PhD; Patricia Patrician, PhD, RN; Courtney Peterson, PhD
Pain - Burel Goodin, PhD
Addiction - Karen Cropsey, PsyD; Jeremy Day, PhD
Cognition and Cognitive Disorders - Ron Lazar, PhD
3:00 PM    Break
3:15 PM    Keynote Lecture II
  Cai Denise round          Denise J. Cai, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Mount Sinai
 "Linking memories across time"
4:15 PM    Pillar Overview III
     Neuromodulation - Harrison Walker, MD
 Neuroengineering - Lynn Dobrunz, PhD; Gregg Janowski, PhD
5:30 PM    Poster Setup in Foyer and Networking
6:00 PM    Poster Session and Reception (Foyer)
8:00 PM           Adjourn

Friday, October 4
8:30 AM     Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM    New Faculty Introductions
     Andrew Hardaway, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
 Cassandra Newsome, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Neurobiology
 Summer Thyme, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Neurobiology
9:30 AM    Keynote Lecture III
  Sohee Park round  Sohee Park, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Vanderbilt University
 "The Varieties of Bodily Experience in Schizophrenia: Splitting of the Self Revisited"
10:30 AM    Break
10:45 AM    Pillar Connections Roundtable Discussion
11:45 AM    3MT and Judging
12:30 PM    Awards and Closing Remarks