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The starting salary/stipend for CNET postdocs is $60,000, with yearly increases depending on annual reviews.  Candidates with specialized skills may be eligible for higher salaries.


UAB has two types of postdoctoral appointments, depending on whether the postdoc is supported by a fellowship, and the benefits differ slightly between them.  Most CNET postdocs are Postdoctoral Employees (Status Code 21) and are eligible to participate in UAB’s 403(b) plan with employer matching of up to 5% of salary. Health, Dental, and Vision insurance plans are available with premiums. Those with a fellowship as defined by the IRS are Postdoctoral Trainees (Status Code 20) and have no federal or state income tax withholding (US citizens) and receive UAB-paid Health insurance; Vision and Dental insurance plans are available with premiums. For both appointment types, UAB provides term life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Click here for details.

Travel Allowance

CNET postdocs receive $2,000 each year to support travel to a national or international meeting to present an abstract.


If you will be moving to Birmingham, we offer $2,500 to support your expenses related to moving and getting started in a new home.

Administrative Support

Our outstanding administrative team has tremendous experience with NIH F and K awards, as well as a variety of foundation fellowships, and will help with both pre-award grant preparation/submission and post-award management.

Career Development

We are committed to helping you reach your “post-postdoctoral” goals. In addition to programming from UAB’s outstanding Office of Postdoctoral Education, CNET offers:

  • lunch workshops on how to run a lab
  • grant writing assistance and internal pre-review
  • clinical shadowing in our Memory and Movement Disorders clinics
  • teaching opportunities
  • a comprehensive curriculum of neurodegeneration courses that you may audit

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