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  • Purpose:

    To engage a collaborative working group to coordinate, collate, and facilitate the rigorous and expeditious completion of COVID-19 health services, outcomes and population health studies conducted by interdisciplinary research teams addressing prescient questions germane to the individuals, communities and populations we serve in our city, county, state, and Deep South region. To read more about this initiative, click here


    • Collation / Clearinghouse of COVID-19 databases (e.g., health system registries, ADPH surveillance)
    • Determination and development of specific COVID-19 cohorts / phenotypes (e.g., testing, ICU)
    • Concept Proposal coordination: submission, review, feedback (web based, REDCap platform)
    • Identify interdisciplinary investigators to form research teams for ‘approved’ Concept Proposals
    • Database / Informatics liaison to generate study specific datasets
    • BERD liaison to provide feedback and support for design, data analysis, interpretation and dissemination
    • Explore multisite collaborative opportunities for Concept Proposals across the CCTS Partner Network
  • Programmatic Groups: Building the Research Platform

    Programmatic groups convene interdisciplinary faculty spanning schools at UAB to define and prioritize existing (for secondary analyses) and desired (for future capture) data elements for inclusion in a shared CORE research platform. These time-limited groups define the data elements initially available and then transition to a dormant phase, with reactivation, as needed, as new data elements come available for addition to the CORE research platform. Programmatic groups are closed and included invited individuals spanning diverse scientific disciplines and Schools at UAB.

    Programmatic Working Group 1: Health System Data 

    Co-Chairs: James Willig and Matt Wyatt

    Members: Sue Feldman, Craig Hoesley, Anand Iyer, Kierstin Kennedy, Yulia Khodneva, Rachael Lee, Audrey Lloyd, Patricia Patrician, David Redden


    • Define case definitions for cohorts (e.g. testing, PUI, confirmed cases)
    • Determine harmonized catalog of health systems data elementsDetermine structured data elements amenable to query
    • Determine unstructured data elements requiring abstractio
    • Develop data management/data coordination procedures

     Programmatic Working Group 2: Questionnaire & Patient Reported Outcome Data

    Co-Chairs: Allyson Hall and Faith Fletcher

    Members: Mirjam-Collette Kempf, Merry-Lynn McDonald, Gabrielle Rocque, Patricia Patrician, Libby Van Gerwen


    • Identify potenal questionnaires/validated instruments and Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) for adjunctive data capture
    • Determine prioritization for questionnaire and PRO administration
    • Define timing, frequency and preferred modality of questionnaire and PRO administration

    Programmatic Working Group 3: Community & Public Health Data

    Co-chairs: Irfan Asif and Monica Aswani

    Members: Ellen Eaton, Eric Ford, Brandi McCleskey, Becky Reamey


    • Identify and collate sources of COVID-19 community data capture
    • Liaise with Jefferson County Health Department and Alabama Department of Public Health re: COVID-19 surveillance data capture
    • Liaise with the City of Birmingham #BHMStrong team re: non-health related data capture germane to COVID-19 (e.g., economic, employment)

    Programmatic Working Group 4: Research Coordinating Committee

    Co-chairs: Emily Levitan and Mike Mugavero

    Members: Jeff Foster, Lisa Jackson, Dustin Long, Aadia Rana


    • Determine human subjects and regulatory considerations with IRB
    • Develop COVID-19 CORE Concept Proposal
    • Develop procedures for project coordination following concept proposal submission in collaboration with data management/data coordination and BERD (Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Research Design)
  • Scientific Groups: Conducting Thematic Outcomes Research Studies

    Scientific groups convene interdisciplinary investigators with shared interests in thematic areas to vet ideas, hone research questions, build interdisciplinary study teams and facilitate concept proposal submissions. Scientific groups are open to all interested faculty, staff, and students at UAB.

    Scientific Working Group 1: Health Disparities

    Faith Fletcher, Allyson Hall & Mandy Willig

    Scientific Working Group 2: Neurocognition

    Drs. Richard Kennedy & David Vance

    Shruti Agnihotri, Laura Dreer, Adam Gerstenecker, Ron Lazar, Kristine Lokken, Roy Martin, John Osborne, Pariya Wheeler 

    The UAB NeuroCOVID Group was formed in May 2020 in response to the emerging COVID-19 pandemic.  We are a group of clinicians and researchers across UAB (Department of Neurology, School of Nursing, Integrative Center for Aging Research, Informatic Institute, etc.) dedicated to understanding the impact of short-term and long-term COVID exposure on neuropsychological phenomenon ranging from cognition, “fogginess”, delirium, smell/taste, depression, and social isolation.  Our foci are transdisciplinary extending to various clinical populations (i.e., HIV, dementia, elderly).  We are developing protocols to collect neuroCOVID data from various UAB clinics and producing scholarly products (i.e., articles, presentations, grants).  We meet biweekly to share updates and opportunities for building community and infrastructure to generate cutting-edge scholarship in this area.

    For more information about our group and how to be involved, please contact Dr. David Vance (devance@uab.edu) for more information.

    Parallels Between Neuro HIV and Neuro COVID-19

    Scientific Working Group 3: Critical Care

    Sheetal Gandotra, Russell Griffin & Derek Russell

    Scientific Working 4: Financial & Operational Implications

    Eric Ford, Bunyamin (Ben) Ozaydin & Ferhat Zengul

    Scientific Working Group 5: Chronic Co-morbidities

    Lyse Norian & Gabrielle Rocque

    Scientific Working Group 6: Patient Safety & Quality

    Patricia Patrician

    Scientific Working Group 7: Healthcare Worker Well-being & Satisfaction

    Greer Burkholder, Crystal Chapman-Lambert, Katherine Meese