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Ramanadham 400x300The Beatson Foundation recently awarded Sasanka Ramanadham, Ph.D., UAB professor in the Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology and senior scientist in the Comprehensive Diabetes Center (UCDC) a two-year grant award.

The foundation selected Ramandham’s project “Beta-cell- and Macrophage-derived Lipids and their Roles in Intercellular Signaling during T1D Development,” as one of only five projects funded in the nation for the 2023 foundation cycle.

Since 2019, only 16 institutions around the nation have been named awardees. Among the institutions are Albert Einstein College of Medicine, City of Hope National Medical Center, Columbia University, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and now the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center.

According to the Beatson Foundation, it provides grants for research and programs for education and management of Type 1 Diabetes. The Beatson Foundation notes that it encourages creative research and collaboration among researchers.

The Ramanadham lab is looking forward to contributing novel paradigms that will lead to a greater understanding of fundamental mechanisms that contribute to Type 1 diabetes and to the exploration of alternate therapeutic avenues to counter Type 1 diabetes.

“To be distinguished among the many great diabetes research institutions across the nation is a wonderful honor for our lab and speaks to the capabilities of the UCDC,” said Ramanadham. “Our entire lab is grateful to the Beatson Foundation for their trailblazing work in funding important Type 1 diabetes research. We are all looking forward to the results of these five esteemed projects.”