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The Office for Diversity and Inclusion recognizes that pursuing excellence in medical education is intrinsically linked to equity and equality. We know that diverse representation in the medical and biomedical research professions leads to better patient and population health outcomes.

To that end, we are committed to fostering an environment that values, respects, and celebrates all individuals' unique perspectives and experiences.
Both research and clinical departments use metrics for crucial areas related to recruitment and retention in diversity and inclusion. The Office for Diversity and Inclusion uses a reporting system to address inequity, discrimination, and bias.

Furthermore, we are committed to supporting our underrepresented in medicine faculty. With the robust growth of our Faculty Associations, which began in 2020, more Heersink faculty are engaged in diversity and inclusion initiatives than ever before. This type of engagement also impacts our trainees because individuals from the affinity groups mentor young learners and peers. Traits of connection and collaboration traverse to other roles within the school; we continue to increase programming for staff related to professional development and growth.

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion strives for excellence by including diverse perspectives and voices. We work to eliminate barriers that hinder equitable health and health care access. We actively engage with our communities, and we seek accountability in all we do as we progress in achieving diversity and inclusion.