Committed to Reducing the Burden of Disease and Increasing Opportunities for Healthier Living

The Division of Preventive Medicine (DOPM) is dedicated to improving health outcomes through collaborative research, training, community engagement, dissemination and translation of knowledge. We are working to reduce the burden of disease, increase opportunities for healthier living, and enhance the quality of life of all people.

Since its inception in 1967, the DOPM has played a key role in groundbreaking trials contributing to the knowledge of medical and health systems, behavioral aspects of disease, epidemiology, prevention, control, and disease outcome.


As a research division, we generate new knowledge in epidemiology, disease prevention and control, behavioral aspects of disease, disease outcomes, and medical and health systems. Our primary scientific program areas include cancer prevention and control, diabetes and obesity, cardiovascular disease, drug use and misuse, and life-course and aging. Cross-cutting themes of health disparities, social determinants, and health outcomes are pursued through behavioral, community-based, population-based research, and biostatistics bioinformatics, and research methodologies. Our scientific accomplishments are enormous.


We strive to create an academic environment that is synergistic and conducive to growth, with active training and career development programs for post-doctoral fellows and clinical scholars. We offer teaching and mentoring opportunities for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and students, and grant writing retreats to support educational and career-development activities. Our multilevel faculty mentoring, particularly as it relates to promotion and tenure, builds the research capacity of the Division, the Department of Medicine, and the University.


We have a bright outlook for the future. The support of visionary philanthropic partners provides the potential for major breakthroughs in the treatment and care of aging and older adults. UAB has long thrived on collaboration and shared progress, and we are optimistic that we will be a first choice for philanthropy for those who believe an investment in UAB is an investment in our city, state and nation.