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Linking Researchers and Communities

Successful Recruitment Is the First Step in a Successful Clinical Trial

In clinical trials, a precisely selected research population is as crucial a resource as any high-tech research equipment. The Recruitment and Retention Shared Facility (RRSF) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) can be your link to that population.

Expert Team of Recruiters

RRSF gives you access to an experienced team of recruiters who have recruited over 17,000 participants for more than 80 studies. The team includes data managers and analysts, project planners and coordinators, telephone interviewers, and community outreach personnel.

Comprehensive Service

RRSF offers comprehensive recruitment and retention services:

  • Help with developing recruitment and retention plans for research proposals or funded projects;
  • Identifying potential participants and reaching them with targeted mass mailings and population-specific recruiting material;
  • Conducting community outreach activities, on-site clinic recruitment, workshops on recruitment and retention, and focus groups.

The Community Connection

The strong community outreach and educational services of RRSF help overcome barriers to participation in underrepresented populations. By using innovative recruitment techniques and culturally appropriate recruitment materials, we are able to successfully engage participants from  minority communities. More than 10 years work building trust within the community provides access to grassroots organizations, service groups, health-care professionals, and local businesses. That means efficiency and cost-effectiveness in meeting your recruiting goals.

The Technological Edge

The cornerstone of our effective recruiting capabilities is a database of more than 4 million Alabama and Georgia residents that can be screened by geographic area, age, race, gender, and health condition and cross-referenced with participants in ongoing studies. A specially designed data system allows RRSF staff to conduct interviews and track every contact with participants.

One-stop Shop for Recruitment of Participants for Any Study

  • Identify potential participants and target them with culturally relevant messages;
  • Consent, enroll, and schedule participants in studies;
  • Provide databases in requested format;
  • Generate standard reports for the IRB or customized reports to suit investigator needs;
  • Access to data analysts, statisticians, and epidemiologists with expertise in health disparities;
  • Retention services for follow-up data collection

Contact: 877-975-7272

CY Johnson CYJohnson@uabmc.edu  205-975-7934
Julie Schach JSchach@uabmc.edu  205-934-6850