Links to very commonly needed/requested things (FAQ's)

There are several ways to do this.  The easiest one to explain is:

  1. click microsoft globe on bottom left
  2. All Programs > accessories > remote desktop connection
  3. computer name =
  4. your username = dopm-d1a\ your normal DOPM username.

Note: you must be in the proper permission group first.
Note: You must be on UAB campus ~or~ have VPN connected.

Click for more details and other options

Everything you always wanted to know about
the I.T. Group at DOPM

(I.T. = Information Technology)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Quick Reference Guide for: Computers  ~  computer-related  ~  printing  ~  copying, scanning, faxing ~  Audio/Visual assistance for meetings ~  …and more


"The Basics"

For more info, click a "link" below
I need help… Contact the HelpDesk:    email or call (205) 934-7662 link
UserNames, IDs, Passwords You have a:
  • [DOPM UserName & Password] and
  • [Blazer ID & Password & Email address]
  • [HSIS Email address]
For most stuff, you will use the DOPM.
Your DOPM-UserName is usually your first initial and your last name (like jsmith)
Phone numbers and locations For helpful links to see up-to-date phone numbers and offices numbers for people click here - > link
DOPM-Websites The DOPM internal website is:
When it asks for your UserName, put
dopm-d1a\my-DOPM-UserName    ….for example dopm-d1a\jsmith

To make it so that you don’t have to key this in each time click here for a Time-Saver Tip.
Kyoceras Kyoceras are multiple function machines (fax, print, scan, copy) including in MT-601. 
They are being phased in during April 2016.
They replace the old Konicas.

All employees (with a DOPM username) can automatically use these to fax, scan or copy. 
If you want to print to one of them choose "AnyKyocera".
Instructions are taped to the Kyocera(s) and also available at this link.
Email – set up To initially set up your email, a Technician can do it, or you can do it yourself.  Instructions --> link
Email – using it offsite and use your HSIS username and password link
Email – redirect messages that are sent to
You can easily forward messages sent to your Blazer Email address to your HSIS Email address.
In other words, forward to instructions here -->
Where to save stuff To best protect yourself from unforeseen problems, it’s best NOT to save anything onto your C:drive or desktop. link
Remote In There are multiple Computers that you can be set up to “remote into” for convenience and to use software that’s not available elsewhere.  
Instructions for how to request this and to use it are here ->
Laptop and Desktop Encryption All Laptops and all off-site Desktops used for DOPM business must be encrypted….even if they are personally owned.  To have a computer encrypted, contact HelpDesk. link
Viruses and virus protection Be careful about what websites you go to. link
WiFi We have WiFi here in Medical Towers.  If you want to use it, instructions are here -- > link
Conference Rooms To schedule a meeting (just a room, or a room plus equipment) fill out a form here - > link for background
or direct link to form
Cell Phones and PDA Click here for suggestions from Rich - > link