This page of instructions is regarding changing your email password.

The folks at HSIS (the group that provides email accounts) have determined that this password has to be changed periodically now.
(In the past, users never had to change it.)

The process HSIS came up with is not really geared for us at DOPM so it can be a little confusing.
(We’re unusual because we’re not part of the hospital and we mostly only use HSIS for email.)

So we highly suggest that you closely follow the below instructions, which are detailed and customized for DOPM folks.
Or call us at 934-7662 and we (probably Lisa) can walk you through it

What’s my password now?

You may be thinking “What’s my password? -- I never have to put in a password for email!"

You will definitely need to know what your current email password is.
(The problem is that in Outlook, you don’t have to type it each time, so people tend to forget what it is.)

  • It’s the password that you use to get on webmail (
  • It is probably the password you choose when you first got your @uabmc email account in about 2012 or when you started here.
    • (Obviously if you have contacted HSIS at 934-8888 and asked them to change it, it’s that new password.)
  • If you use Citrix or Impact at the hospital, it's that password.
  • (It is NOT your Blazer password.  It is NOT your DOPM password.)
Tip: If you think you might know it, try to get on webmail (  If you can, then you know you have the correct password.

If you don’t know what it is, you will need to first contact HSIS at 934-8888 and ask them to reset it. 
(They will ask for the last  4 digits of your SSN to confirm it is you.)

Cautions before proceeding:

  • This is different from your Blazer password and your DOPM password -- don't get all those confused. 
    • If needed, see this link for what the differences are.
  • This will probably also affect your Citrix account and/or Impact account (if you have that) and any other accounts you have at "the hospital" so be sure to read the details specific to you on the website in step 4 below.
  • Changing your password in the webmail interface does Not suffice.  You need to do it using the below instructions instead.
  • It's possible you will get something like an "account not found" warning in step 2 below.  If you do it's because HSIS is not ready for you to change your password, so you won't be able to proceed.

Now, here's how to change it:

In this example:
  • My email =
  • My current password = Apples-01
  • The new password that I want to change it to = Bananas-2
  • (Of course, you'd want better passwords than that; this is just to keep the example easy.)

1 Click on
2 Type in your current info (User ID isn’t case sensitive)
3 You’ll be asked to answer your choice of any 3 "Authentication Questions” (aka security questions), if you have not already done this.
You do NOT need to answer them all—just any 3 that you choose.
(These are used later if you forget your password.)
4 Click on the [Profile] tab.
Make sure the [Change Password] tab is selected.
5 Type your new password twice:
6 Now here is where it gets odd: You have to put in your OLD password again
7 Close Outlook and re-open it.  It will ask for this new password.

Note: The username should already be in there. 
(It should already show ad\ plus your username, but if you have drop-down choices, choose that one.)
In this example, it should be ad\APerson (it's Not case sensitive)

If you get a message asking "Allow this website to configure.... server settings", you can put a checkmark by "Don't ask ...again" and click [Allow]
  • If you use Outlook on another computer, you willl need to do Step 7 on that one also.
  • Be sure to remember this new password, or write yourself a hint for what this is.
    • But if you forget this password in the future, you can use the link in Step 1 above to reset it.
  • You will need to do this again in 6 months or less.
  • If you don't do this, you will get an email from "idmadmin" with "ONE Password expiration notice" as the subject line, reminding you.
  • If you have trouble with this, the most direct way to get help is to contact HSIS at 934-8888, but you can also call us at 934-7662 for assistance if you prefer.