Web-based Email - aka "Webmail"

Here’s how to get to your @uabmc.edu email (which is the email account provided and serviced by HSIS, Heath Services Information Systems) from any computer on the internet

In other words:
How you can easily check your HSIS-email (aka your @uabmc.edu email) when not here in Medical Towers.


  • Click on https://webmail.uabmc.edu/
  • Then you’ll use your HSIS username and password
    • Username = your HSIS Username.  So that’s the part to the left of @ in your @uabmc.edu email address
    • Password = your HSIS password. 
        • Aka: your email password, your Outlook password, your webmail password, your HSIS password, your “One Password”, your @uabmc password, your Citrix password
        • This is NOT the same as your DOPM (computer) password

  • Hopefully you remember this password, but if not:
    • Best approach is: Go to https://idm.hs.uab.edu and click "Forgot password" and answer the security questions.
    • If that doesnt work, then contact HSIS at phone 205-934-8888 and ask them to reset it.
  • If needed (for background on what your HSIS username/password is) click here.