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The primary objectives of the Deep South RCMAR Community Liaison and Recruitment Core (CLRC) are to 1) educate, train, and mentor Scientists in theory-based approaches to engaging older African Americans (AAs) in health-related research, 2) assist RCMAR Scientists in recruiting older AAs into their research studies, and 3) build a sustainable infrastructure that will generate and disseminate new knowledge regarding the science of recruitment and retention.

Through the activities of the CLRC, we expect that RCMAR Scientists will continue to have access to evidence-based recruitment and retention tools for both urban and rural older AAs, and realize enhanced participation of older AAs, greater community “buy-in” to research projects, and clearer routes of dissemination and intervention sustainability

Core Aims

            1. Collaborate with the Research Education Core (REC) to educate, train and mentor
                RCMAR Scientists regarding the theory and approach to community engagement,
                and assist RCMAR Scientists in recruiting older African Americans to their research
            2. Advance scientific knowledge in the area of recruitment and retention of older urban
                and rural African Americans by testing recruitment and retention strategies developed
                in partnership with community members.
            3. Expand capacity for community-academic partnerships to support the recruitment
                and retention of older urban and rural African Americans.
            4. Disseminate research findings to the scientific community and the communities we

Key Personnel

Reagan DurantMartha R. Crowther, PhD, MPH - Core Director
Associate Dean for Research & Health Policy 
Professor, Community Medicine & Population Health 
Family Internal & Rural Medicine
College of Community Health Sciences
                                          University of Alabama

Rhonda HolidayRhonda Holliday, PhD, MA - Core Co-Director
Associate Professor 
Community Health and Preventive Medicine
Morehouse School of Medicine

Other Personnel

Vivian Carter, PhD, TU
JoAnn Oliver, PhD, UA
Sharlene Newman, PhD, UA