EAB Health Screening Pic

Health screenings are a way for EAB to empower community members to stay updated on their health and to improve visibility about our clinic through community partnerships. Each month, we work with our community partners to organize screenings where medical students measure participants’ BMI, blood pressure, and blood glucose. Participants then sit down with our health educators to discuss their measurements and topics such as healthy eating, physical activity, diabetes prevention, women’s health, sexual health, and more. If you are interested in partnering with us to provide a screening or attending an upcoming screening, please contact us at equalaccess@uab.edu!

Upcoming Screenings: 
Saturday, November 5th - St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Food Pantry

Previous Screenings:
Saturday, September 24th
- St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Food Pantry
Sunday, August 28th
- St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church "Family Day"
Saturday, July 30th
- First Baptist Church Ensley "Block Party"
Saturday, July 23rd
- AIDS Alabama "Mochillon" Back to School Event