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    APBRN membership is free, voluntary, and open to any primary care provider currently licensed and practicing in the state of Alabama. Several APBRN member practices are championed by RNs or Nurse Practitioners. Medical students and residents are also welcome. Both clinical and non-clinical staff can play a supportive role, and are often the best “point people” for on-site coordination efforts. In the past, general membership meetings were held twice a year in conjunction with meetings of the Alabama Chapter of the AAFP. These have been replaced by project-specific small groups – nominal groups, webinars, or online conferences. These are usually held after hours so as not to interfere with patient care. Research opportunities are ongoing and are communicated to members primarily through email. 

    Practices that don’t engage in at least one research activity every two years are considered “inactive,” but remain on the rolls and continue to receive notices about upcoming opportunities until or unless they either request removal or communications are returned undeliverable. Physicians and staff who participate in projects that require them to engage in the conduct of the research must complete and maintain certification in the protection of human research subjects (“UAB IRB training”). This training is free, but access-restricted. There may be additional administrative requirements for health system owned or FQHC-affiliated practices, or for studies not initiated or overseen by UAB. Throughout the year, other opportunities may also arise, like studies conducted by other PBRNs or pharmaceutical companies. The APBRN Coordinating Center informs members of such offerings as they become available, as — particularly on the national level — they represent not only an opportunity earn CME but also to give voice to primary care issues from the Alabama perspective. 

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