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Director: Robin G. Lorenz, M.D., Ph.D. 
Co-Director: Lesley E. Smythies, Ph.D.

Requests Center investigators will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the requirement that the research be appropriate for the Center project and likely to contribute to its success.

Core 2 Services Request Form

Molecular Pathology Unit (Dr. Lorenz)


  1. Preparation of paraffin blocks fromcassettes.
  2. Bacterial Detection (PCR-DGGE / FISH).
  3. Slides (paraffin and/or frozen sections)
  • Unstained paraffin slides
  • Unstained frozen section slides
  • H & E (frozen or paraffin) stain
  • Special stains (Alcian Blue, Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS))


  1. Murine gastrointestinal cell isolation.
  2. Fluorescence immunostaining.
  3. Cryostat.
  4. Histological Analysis (Pathological Scoring)

Equipment Usage (by center investigators)

  1. Cryostat.
  2. Fluorescent Microsopes.

Human Cell and Tissue Unit (Dr. Smythies)


  1. Provision of human leukocytes from mucosal tissues plus standard phenotyping panel.
  2. Establishment of explants from human mucosal tissue (4 blocks of tissue, each 1.5 cm diameter, dissected and mounted in the transwell system).
  3. Provision of purified human circulating leukocytes.
  4. Additional phenotyping of purified mucosal or circulating cells (markers not included in standard panel).
  5. Provision of stromal-derived conditioned medium.


  1. Cryostat training.
  2. Cryostat usage.
  3. Phenotyping of mucosal or circulating leukocytes.
  4. Fluorescence staining.
  5. Cell culture.
  6. Function assays.