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Each quarter, the Department of Genetics distributes a newsletter highlighting the latest news/events with Genetics.

From the latest publications and grants obtained, to the newest department members and social events, we aim to share the outstanding accomplishments and achievements while also focusing on what's to come. 

For previous editions of the Department of Genetics Quarterly Newsletter, click below:

  • 2023 Newsletters

    2023 Newsletters

    Summer 2023

    n this edition of the Newsletter, several new personnel join the department, while a former student joined the Medical Genomics Lab. 

    Spring 2023

    This version of the Quarterly Newsletter highlights a consortium receiving an award from the Department of Defense, the National Institute of Health selecting a grant application aiming to advance biological understandings, and an upcoming genomic diagnostic lab. 

    Winter 2023 

    A member of the Department of Genetics was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Society, and the Rare Disease Day Symposium commemorated its 10th year of existence. 

  • 2022 Newsletters

    2022 Newsletters

    Summer 2022

    This edition highlights a novel form of gene regulation altered in bladder cancer, the impact of long-read sequencing, and the focus on the development of new targeted therapeutics that potentially improve the treatment of patients with advanced prostate cancer. 

    Spring 2022 

    The edition of this newsletter focuses on how a transplant can potentially treat dying organs, as well as the winner of the Heersink School
    of Medicine’s Featured Discovery.

Questions/Submissions for Newsletter

If you have questions, and/or looking to submit inputs for the next edition of the Genetics Quarterly Newsletter, please contact Communications Specialist Ryan McCain at ryanrmccain@uabmc.edu.