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Key Personnel

Core Director:
Kathryn Burgio, PhD
Comprehensive Center for Healthy Aging and Division of Gerontology, Geriatrics, and Palliative Care
Birmingham/Atlanta VA Geriatric Research, Education, and Clinical Center (GRECC)
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Core Co-Director:
Mona Fouad, MD
Director, Division of Preventive Medicine
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Specific Aims

The overall purpose of the Deep South Resource Center for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR) is to reduce health disparities between African American and White older adults in the region of the country where the majority of older African Americans live and health disparities have been particularly persistent. The ultimate goal will be to eliminate such disparities. The Deep South RCMAR is a research-based and mentoring investment in the process of closing the health disparities gap between African American and non-Hispanic White older adults. In addition, the Deep South RCMAR will increase the diversity and the number of researchers with the capacity to conduct independent, peer-reviewed research related to minority aging and health disparities.

The Deep South RCMAR focuses and conducts research on health problems that are particularly prevalent among older African Americans and for which disparities in health between older African Americans and Whites have been identified in both rural and urban settings. Our intervention research addresses physical activity, diet, and other preventive health strategies at multiple levels - individuals, communities, and society. We also conduct studies addressing socio-economic, discrimination, trust, and bioethical issues impacting both physical and mental health.

The specific aims of the Administrative Core of the Deep South RCMAR will be to:

  1. Ensure the integration and coordination of all Deep South RCMAR activities through effective interactions, communication, and information flow externally and within the four partnering academic institutions: Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM); Tuskegee University (TU); University of Alabama (UA); and University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). The Administrative Core will ensure integration and coordination of activities of faculty and scholars with other Deep South RCMAR cores: Core B (Investigator Development Core-IDC), Core C (Community Liaison Core-CLC), and the proposed new Core D (Analysis Core-AnC). The Administrative Core will also coordinate and maintain an Advisory Committee to provide ongoing feedback and to enhance the effectiveness of all RCMAR core activities. The Advisory Committee will be composed of a Community-Based Advisory Group; a Professional Advisory Group; and a Scholar Advisory Group. The Administrative Core will represent the Deep South RCMAR to external local, national, and regional organizational, professional, and community constituencies, including the leadership of all four participating academic institutions, community partners, the RCMAR Coordinating Center, and the National Institute on Aging. The Administrative Core will disseminate information on Deep South RCMAR plans, programs, and research findings to scientific, professional, and lay audiences at regional and state levels in the Deep South and throughout the nation.
  2. Facilitate collaborative mentoring and research activities with complementary programs at our partnering institutions. Collaborations with the NIA-funded UAB Roybal Center for Translational Research on Aging and Mobility (CTRAM) and the NIH-funded UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS), funded by an NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA), will enhance RCMAR programs. Other relevant centers and programs supported by our institutional partners include the MSM National Center for Primary Care, the TU National Center for Bioethics in Research and Health Care, TU Health Disparities Institute for Research and Education, the UA Center for Mental Health and Aging, the UA Institute on Rural Health Research, the UA Center for Community-Based Partnerships, the UAB Center for Aging, and the UAB Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center (MHRC).
  3. Provide oversight and support for the solicitation and selection of pilot projects for funding and for the recruitment of scholars for the Deep South RCMAR Health Disparities Research Training Program (HDRTP), Pilot Grant Programs, and Diversity Supplement Awards.
  4. Provide administrative oversight for all programs to ensure organizational and fiscal integrity, program effectiveness, and compliance with all relevant rules, regulations, and ethical principles.

Other Personnel

  • Martha Crowther, PhD, UA Sub-Contract PI
  • Patricia Sawyer, PhD, UAB Research Advisor
  • Vincent (Craig) Bond, PhD, Morehouse Sub-Contract PI
  • Ann Smith, MA, UAB Training Manager
  • Roberta Troy, PhD, Tuskegee Sub-Contract PI
Mailing Address:

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Center for Aging
CH19 201
1720 2nd Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35294-2041