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The Pediatric Oncology COVID-19 Case Report

Our aim is to describe and disseminate, in real-time, the evolving clinical course of children, adolescents, and young adults diagnosed with cancer and infected with SARS-CoV-2 and/or have received a COVID-19 vaccine via two national database registries so that we can better help clinicians take care of these patients during an evolving pandemic.

We hope to achieve these objectives by surveying hematologist-oncologists to report on any of their patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and/or have received a COVID-19 vaccine and have received cancer-directed therapy in the last year.

If you decide to take part in this study and you have consulted with your institutions IRB you may access the survey by clicking here!

To report patients who have received a COVID-19 vaccine, you may access the survey by clicking here!

In order to determine important factors that could be involved in COVID-19 diagnosis, please note that this case report form asks for PHI (dates and zipcode) in the very last section; please do not complete this section unless you have local IRB approval to do so. Please abstain from providing PHI (DOB, names, location smaller than state, etc.) in the other open-ended portions of this form. The information collected will be exported in aggregate and will be made publicly available at least monthly on this website.

If you do NOT have patients diagnosed with COVID-19 or you do NOT have patients who have been given the vaccine but would like to receive our biweekly POCC Report, please enter your email here.

We hope you will actively contribute to this voluntary reporting system. Through broad-scale participation and collaboration, we hope to be able to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the health of pediatric cancer patients.

In addition, please report cases to your local public health agency as appropriate.

For more information or questions, contact: POCCReport@uabmc.edu

Emily Johnston, M.D., MS – University of Alabama at Birmingham
Jennifer Levine, M.D., MSW – Weill Cornell Medicine & NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Alissa Kahn M.D. – St. Joseph's University Medical Center
Archana Sharma, D.O. – Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Carla Schwalm, M.D. – Bronson Methodist Hospital
Julienne Brackett, M.D., MS – Baylor College of Medicine & Texas Children’s Hospital
Julie Wolfson, M.D., MSHS – University of Alabama at Birmingham

How to cite this website:

Johnston EE, Martinez I, Davis ES, Araya B, Richman J, Brackett J, Dickens D, Kahn A, Schwalm Sharma A, Bhatia S, Levine JM, Wolfson JA. The Pediatric Oncology COVID-19 Case (POCC) Report. April 29, 2020. Accessed [today's date]. https://www.uab.edu/medicine/icos/icos-research/the-pocc-report