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James KobieIn collaborative studies, James J. Kobie, Ph.D., and Mark R. Walter, Ph.D., of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Luis Martinez-Sobrido, Ph.D., of the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas, discovered a neutralizing monoclonalMark Walter antibody that potentially acts as a potent universal coronavirus therapy. Read more

Casey Weaver 2022For just the third time in history, a University of Alabama at Birmingham faculty member, Casey Weaver, MD from the Department of Pathology, has been elected to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences Read more

Allan Zajac 2022In a study published in the journal Science Immunology, Allan Zajac, Ph.D., and co-first authors Shannon M. Kahan, Ph.D., and Rakesh K. Bakshi, Ph.D., from the Department of Microbiology at UAB, show that two subsets of CD8 T cells develop to provide either short-term or long-term immune protection. The study focuses on one factor that guides this developmental bifurcation — interleukin-2 (IL-2). Read more

Casey Morrow 2022Koo 2022 Casey D. Morrow, PhD and Hyunmin Koo, Ph.D. have refined a microbiome “fingerprint” method that tracks sub-strain variants of a single gut microbe strain. The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports. Read more

Casey Weaver 2022In a study published in the journal Immunity, Carlene L. Zindl, Ph.D., and Casey T.Weaver, M.D, of the UAB Department of Pathology show how two types of immune cells — one a part of the innate immune system and the other a part of the adaptive immune system — play distinct and indispensable roles to defend that barrier. Read more

Beatriz Leon Ruiz 04052022Beatriz León, Ph.D., and her UAB colleagues unraveled a complex trail for the antagonistic mechanisms of LPS to promote or prevent allergic disease through activation or suppression of T helper-2 immune cells. Read more

Welner 04052022Robert Welner, Ph.D., and Rui Lu, Ph.D., both associate scientists within the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center, have received a $3 million Mark Foundation for Cancer Research 2022 Endeavor Award to study the interplay of inflammation and clonal expansion in leukemia. Read more

In a report published in Nature Communications, Michael Niederweis, PhD and colleagues identify key secretion systems used by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) in pathogenesis, which makes them candidate targets for therapeutics. Read more

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