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Trainees supported by the Immunology T32 are required to attend the Program in Immunology Seminar Series and a professional development course. Information about these opportunities is below.

The Program in Immunology Seminar Series

  • Meets every Wednesday, 4-5 p.m. in the Bevill Biomedical Sciences Building, room 170
    During the COVID pandemic, seminars are given virtually. Access information is provided by email to all Faculty and trainees
  • Click here to access the schedule for the entire academic year. Information about previous years' seminars are accessible at the bottom of the current academic year's seminar schedule 
  • Note the following opportunities for trainees
    • The John Volanakis Immunology Lecture - This lecture is supported by the Immunology T32. Trainees suggest speakers for this annual special seminar. Their suggestions are reviewed and scored by the Program in Immunology Seminar Committee. The trainee whose suggestion received the best score hosts the speaker, which provides several opportunities for one-on-one discussions with the speaker. 
    • The Robert Stroud Advanced Graduate Trainee Seminar - This is an opportunity to present studies that are ready for publication to a critical but friendly crowd of immunologists. Trainees submit abstracts. Abstracts are reviewed and scored by the Program in Immunology Seminar Committee. The two trainees receiving the best scores give 25 minutes presentations followed by a questions and answers session.
    • Breakfast with the Speaker - This is an opportunity for one trainee to meet with a speaker working in an area in which a trainee may be interested in pursuing postdoctoral research
      This activity is suspended during the COVID pandemic.
    • Lunch with the Speaker - This is an opportunity for up to 10 trainees interested in the speaker's area of research to meet and discuss science as well as issues of professional development.
      This activity is suspended during the COVID pandemic.

GBS 723 - Topics in Professional Development

The class meets every Wednesday, from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. Due to the COVID pandemic, this class will be on ZOOM. Access information will be emailed.

The Winter/Spring semester of the Academic Year 2022-2023:

History of Immunology: The main objective of this segment of the course is to explore the history of immunology by examining the work of Nobel Prize winners in Immunology. Each trainee will choose a laureate of interest and prepare a presentation about their contribution to immunology.

Leader Lectures: There is no better way to learn about what it takes to succeed in academia than to learn from those that have succeeded. As part of a course entitled Topics in Professional Development, we invite leaders on campus to meet the trainees and share their experiences with them. Campus leaders spend approximately 20-30 minutes reviewing their career, 20-30 minutes on a topic – research, clinical or otherwise – of interest to the leader, and 20-30 minutes for questions. This offers the students an opportunity to broaden their horizons, and also offers leaders on campus the opportunity to meet with students selected for T32 support that are most likely to pursue an academic career.

Click here for a detailed syllabus for this course


Information about the topics discussed in this class in previous years can be found by clicking here