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Immunology Institute

A cutting-edge and interdisciplinary hub for faculty, researchers, clinicians, health policy experts, and educators who seek to advance the study of immunology and improve human health

The UAB Heersink School of Medicine Immunology Institute is also committed to becoming a nexus for those interested in educating our campus, our community and our state on the critical role that the immune system plays in promoting health and well-being.

Institute director Dr. Frances Lund named 2024 Distinguished Fellows of AAI

Integrating immunologic methods and fundamental immunologic research

Immunology at UAB spans the range from fundamental basic and discovery research to clinical trials that use the latest immune-targeting drugs and vaccines. Immunology-focused UAB researchers and clinicians are learning to channel the power of the immune system to treat and prevent multiple diseases.


Developing robust technical and physical infrastructure

Access to cutting-edge technologies, facilities and informatics resources will further propel immunologic research at UAB, which will ultimately lead to a fundamental appreciation for how the immune system protects us from disease and may be harnessed to improve the lives of individuals in our commu

Cores and Infrastructure

Providing comprehensive immunologic education

Immunology education at UAB extends across the undergraduate, graduate and professional schools and is designed to ensure that the next generation of researchers, clinicians, educators and healthy policy professionals understand the importance of the immune system in protection from a myriad of dise


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