THIMRP Special Interests

Our residents can customize their training experience at UAB to pursue special topics that are unique to their career objectives. Tracks are designed to provide learning experiences in the following areas: Clinician-Educator, Health Disparities, Primary Care, and Women's Health.

Clinician-Educator. For those interested in a career in medical education, we offer time to explore the art and science of adult learning in the clinical environment.

Health Disparities.The diverse patient mix in Birmingham offers unique opportunities to learn to serve those who are most vulnerable in ways that are culturally competent.

Primary CareWhile many residents choose to train at UAB to prepare for a subspecialty fellowship, we also offer ways to focus on the heart of internal medicine: creating long-term relationships with patients across the lifespan.

Women's HealthResidents gain deeper understanding of the health issues common among women, including osteoporosis, breast health, and office gynecologic procedures.