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Bugando Medical Centre is a 950+ bed tertiary referral center founded by the Catholic Church that currently functions as one of Tanzania’s largest medical centers and houses a large medical training program, the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (CUHAS). There are approximately 1,000 medical students at CUHAS (spread over a five year curriculum), as well as nursing and dental students, students in the basic sciences, and researchers.

The elective included daily medical rounds at the Bugando Medical Centre and teaching rounds and education sessions with students from Weill-Bugando Medical College. Some of the services in the hospital included inpatient adult medicine wards, the ICU, inpatient pediatric wards, and the wards of a nearby regional hospital.

Past Participants

Wilson Ricketts – Class of 2020

Wilson Ricketts – Class of 2020

“My time in Tanzania has excited me about the prospects of continuing to work in global health in the future and helped me envision ways that I could make this possible. Doing successful global health work is much more of a marathon than a sprint, and I am so thankful for this opportunity from UAB to continue the long work of reflection and learning that are required to do it well.”

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