Pilot Program

Pilot project studies may focus on any area of research related to obesity and health disparities and are designed to provide initial project support for new investigators; allow exploration of possible innovative new directions for established investigators in obesity research that represent a significant departure from ongoing funded research; and stimulate investigators from other areas of endeavor to use their expertise for obesity and health disparities research.

P/F funding is intended to support full-time UAB faculty members who are NIH-defined New and Early Stage Investigators at the time of funding without current or past NIH research project support or senior investigators who are new to obesity and health disparities research. Instructor, Assistant, and Associate Professors, as well as UAB-designated Research Scientists, are eligible to apply. P/F awards may be made to post-doctoral fellows. However, generally, post-doctoral fellows will only be competitive when such individuals are preparing to transition to a faculty slot at UAB. Post-doctoral fellows wishing to apply are strongly encouraged to meet simultaneously with their UAB faculty mentor and the P/F and/or OHDRC directors prior to submitting a proposal.

Early Stage Investigators (junior faculty, junior research scientists, and Postdoctoral Fellows) must identify a senior faculty mentor who has a strong record of NIH funding as a PI in an area related to the proposed research and who will agree to provide guidance throughout the conduct of the proposed study. Priority will be given to applications that demonstrate close relevance to the OHDRC mission, OHDRC core facility usage, and likelihood of future R01 funding. 

Funding for Pilot Feasibility Studies on Nutrition or Obesity-Related Health Disparities is Available

UAB's Obesity and Health Disparities Research Center (OHDRC) (2U54MD000502) invites applications for pilot feasibility studies that focus on any area of obesity-related health disparities research. 

Number of Awards: Up to three (3) projects will be funded.
Award Budget: Awards will be up to $50,000 for the entire duration of the project.
Award Period: The award project period is one (1) year.
Eligibility: NIH-defined New and Early Stage Investigators (Instructor, Assistant, and Associate Professors, as well as UAB-designated Research Scientists and post-doctoral fellows) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are eligible to apply.

Letter of Intent Due: February 9, 2018
Applications Due: March 16, 2018
(Only those who have already received notice of approved Letter of Intent may submit a full application.) 

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