Fran lund, ph.d. Frances E. Lund, Ph.D.
Charles H. McCauley Professor and Chair
(205) 934-9042


orihuelaCarlos Orihuela, Ph.D.
Vice Chair for Faculty Development 
Professor of Microbiology



Department Committee Chairs

Appointment, Promotion & Tenure — Amy Weinmann
Faculty Development — Carlos Orihuela
Education — David Chaplin
Shared Equipment — Jan Novak
Diversity & Inclusion — Amy Weinmann
Lecture — John Kearney/Jamil Saad
Philanthropy — Fran Lund
Retreats & Special Events — Pete Burrows

Faculty Senate

Allan Zajac and Jamil Saad (alt)

GBS Theme Directors

Immunology — Lou Justement (director), Chris Klug (co-director)
Microbiology — Janet Yother (director), Sunnie Thompson (co-director)