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  • Advisory Committee

    The Microbiome Advisory Committee is an interdisciplinary committee with representation from multiple schools and colleges. This committee provides advice and expertise to the Executive Committee for the development of new initiatives, evaluation of current ones, as well as feedback regarding the overall role of the Microbiome Center at UAB.

    Jake Chen, PhD: Associate Director and Chief Bioinformatics Officer of the Informatics Institute, Professor of Genetics
    Jeanne Marrazzo, MD: Division Director of Infectious Diseases, Professor of Medicine
    Richard Dluhy, PhD: Chair and Professor of Chemistry
    Frances Lund, PhD: Chair and Professor of Microbiology

  • Education Advisor

    Heather Bruns, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology

  • Microbiome Executive Committee

    This committee meets quarterly and it is composed by the Microbiome Center Director, Co-Directors and Center Administrator.

  • External Advisory Committee

    An external panel of experts in aging research and education is invited periodically to evaluate the Center's initiatives and impact, as well as to provide their expert advice for further development.