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microarray printerThe UAB Microbiota Culture Core provides a variety of microbiota culture services, as well as recombinant protein purification and microbiota antigen microarray analyses, including:

  • Obtaining and growing defined bacteria from culture collections. We have an extensive library of bacteria, including many obligate gut anaerobes from human and mouse.
  • Isolating and culturing bacteria from complex biological samples, including difficult to isolate bacterial families.
  • Recovery and freezing of anaerobic and aerobic microbiota to preserve and restore model organism phenotypes.
  • Isolating, expressing, and purifying recombinant microbiota bacterial proteins. We have an extensive library of bacterial proteins representing a wide range of functions.
  • Analyzing sera/plasma for IgG or IgA reactivity to defined bacterial lysates or recombinant proteins using a microbiota antigen microarray.

For more information contact, Charles O. Elson, MD, Microbiota Culture Core Director.