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Advancing kidney health through nationally recognized care, world-class research, and rigorous training.


The UAB Division of Nephrology is dedicated to enhancing the patient experience by providing competent and compassionate care; we are committed to the pursuit of knowledge that moves medicine forward; and we take pride training the next generation of kidney specialists as innovative researchers and exceptional physicians. 


Racism “Acknowledging the Uncomfortable Truth”

Racism promotes discrimination, hatred, injustice and inequality.  Until we fully acknowledge the magnitude of pain and distrust inflicted on others due to racism, even unintentional, we will never move forward to eradicate the problem.  The latest murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and now Rayshard Brooks, should be a catalyst that will catapult this country to a place where “Liberty and Justice for All” is truly for “ALL”. The UAB Division of Nephrology is committed to opposing racism; addressing health disparities and social determinants of health; and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion for our patients, trainees, faculty and staff.