We have many Endowments and funds that relate directly to kidney-related research, fellowship training, and clinical care.  Here are the lists of our funds that you can direct your gift to and the link to enter your information.

David G. Warnock, MD, Endowed Professorship in Academic Nephrology

This endowment fund pays tribute to our esteemed former Division Director, David G. Warnock, MD, for his profound and lasting influence in renal physiology, the mechanisms of progression in chronic kidney disease, inherited renal diseases, and novel therapeutic interventions. Gifts made in honor of Dr. Warnock will build upon his legacy of extraordinary research in acid-base balance, the role of aldosterone and the regulation of epithelial sodium reabsorption, and his studies of Liddle’s syndrome and Fabry Disease which offered seminal contributions to nephrology. GIVE NOW

Andreoli Endowment in Nephrology

Dr. Andreoli was the Director of Nephrology from 1970 to 1979 and held numerous leadership positions, including President of the American Society of Nephrology and the International Society of Nephrology.  He received the David M. Hume Memorial Award of the National Kidney Foundation, Robert H. Williams Distinguished Chair of Medicine Award from the Association of Professors of Medicine, the Louis Pasteur Medal from the Universite Louis Pasteur and the Robert W. Berliner Award for Excellence in Renal Physiology from the American Physiological Society. GIVE NOW

Robert G. Luke Endowment in Transplant Nephrology 

Dr. Luke was the Director of Nephrology from 1979-1987. During Dr. Luke's tenure, the transplant nephrology section of the division was established at UAB. Both have gone on to substantial renown, Dr. Luke as President of the ASN and Chair of Medicine at the University of Cincinnati, and transplant nephrology at UAB as one of the nation's premier programs, having trained 30 transplant nephrologists and advanced the field with cutting edge clinical and translational research. This endowment continues the innovative impact of Dr. Luke's efforts in kidney transplantation at UAB. GIVE NOW

Comprehensive Transplant Institute 

UAB has a rich tradition in solid organ transplantation; the Comprehensive Transplant Institute (CTI) was created by the Board of Trustees in 2011 to build on that tradition.  From its first kidney transplant in 1968 through the implementation of the new ECMO program for lung transplant candidates and ABO- and HLA-incompatible kidney transplantation (both landmark advances realized in 2013), the CTI is a culmination of the culture of excellence that permeates organ transplantation at UAB. GIVE NOW

IgA Nephropathy Research

IgA Nephropathy is one of the most common and undetected kidney diseases and arises when IgA a protein to help fight infections settles in the kidneys.  This leads to an inability to filter waste and excess water from the blood. This leads to many progressive symptoms that ultimately lead to kidney failure. Our division, along with many other physician-scientists, are interested in developing tools to more effectively diagnose and monitor IgA Nephropathy. We are also very interested in gaining insight into the mechanisms of this disease to help guide discoveries that will lead to targeted therapy. GIVE NOW

Nephrology Research and Training Center 

Established in 1976 the NRTC’s mission is to strengthen and support training and research activities across UAB. The NRTC provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary infrastructure and environment to support kidney-related research from molecular pathways to model systems to man. The NRTC takes a multidisciplinary, interdepartmental approach to the study and training in kidney-related disease and physiology. GIVE NOW

Fabry and Peritoneal Dialysis Research Fund 

Supports Fabry and Peritoneal dialysis research expenses in the Division of Nephrology. GIVE NOW

Telemedicine Research Fund

Supports Telemedicine research in the Division of Nephrology. GIVE NOW

Nephrology Fellowship Development Fund

UAB has a long tradition of training world-class kidney disease specialists for academic and community practice. The rigorous nephrology fellowship program includes significant clinical activity in our high-volume, high-acuity hospital and clinics, and also emphasizes scholarly activity. We invite you to be a part of the future of the Division by making a gift to the nephrology fellowship program that will help us continue to provide the very best training, mentorship and research opportunities for tomorrow’s nephrologists. Your investment in this fund helps provide resources for fellows to travel to conferences and scientific meetings and other career enhancement opportunities to enrich their fellowship experience. GIVE NOW

Cardio-Renal Physiology and Medicine Fund 

The Cardio-Renal Physiology and Medicine Section is a translational research program supported jointly by the Division of Nephrology and Cardiovascular Disease. GIVE NOW