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Doctoral Training

A pillar mission of the UAB Department of Neurosurgery is to champion an educational environment that fosters growth and advancement for our trainees. Not only are we proud to offer a unique doctoral program in neuroengineering, but we are happy to encourage and support our residents and fellows as they seek additional graduate and doctoral degrees.

Many residents pursue advanced degrees through our close partners in UAB Graduate Biomedical Sciences. For more information about these opportunities, please visit uab.edu/gbs. Below, we have highlighted the neuroscience theme–one of the eight Graduate Biomedical Sciences areas of study– as well as the neuroengineering doctoral program.

  • Graduate Biomedical Sciences Neuroscience Theme

    Research Areas- Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience, Systems Neuroscience, Neural Bases of Behavior, Disorders of the Nervous System

    Neuroscience is one of eight interdisciplinary PhD themes within Graduate Biomedical Sciences (GBS). Students select a theme upon application but have access to faculty and courses from across GBS, allowing for flexibility in both research and academics.

    The Neuroscience Theme provides training opportunities in multiple and contemporary areas of neuroscience research — from fundamental discovery science at the molecular, cellular, systems, and behavioral levels, to translational studies in cellular and animal models of diseases of the nervous system. Outstanding research faculty from various schools, departments, and centers participate in training the next generation of neuroscientists. The Neuroscience Theme seeks to equip and train students to become tomorrow's innovative neuroscientists by:

    • Teaching fundamental neuroscience concepts that are the stepping-stones needed for a deeper understanding of nervous system function.
    • Providing unique professional and scientific avenues through which they can develop their presentation skills and learn critical thinking and experimental design.
    • Offering the opportunity to choose neuroscience research from multiple options available through laboratories across the UAB campus — not limiting students to a department but, rather, a discipline.
    • Providing opportunities for informal interactions with other students to discuss research, scientific writing, and life outside and beyond graduate school.
  • Neuroengineering Doctoral Program

    The UAB Department of Neurosurgery is proud to join the Department of Neurology as clinical collaborators with the doctoral degree in Neuroengineering. This interdisciplinary Ph.D. program was developed by faculty in the UAB Schools of Medicine and Engineering. It is a first-of-its-kind program in the state of Alabama and one of the only freestanding neuroengineering doctoral programs in the country.

    This program integrates advanced topics in such areas as neurophysiology, neural dynamics, neuropathology, systems engineering, computational analysis, advanced imaging, and data analysis. By combining faculty expertise in neurobiology, neuroscience, engineering, and the sciences, we are training a new generation of neuroengineers to advance understanding of neurodegenerative disorders and other brain diseases and develop novel therapeutics, neuroprosthetics and tools to restore lost brain function and improve patient outcomes. Faculty experts include Nicole bentley, M.D., Zachary Irwin, Ph.D., and Matthew Nelson, Ph.D.

    For information about who should apply and application deadlines, please click here.