Kindness News Article Lead ImageThe UAB Department of Neurosurgery recently celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day by encouraging kindness and reminding people of the positive impact they can have on others.

After reading the UAB wellness e-newsletter, Take 5, executive administrator Donna Bailer was inspired to promote random acts of kindness throughout Neurosurgery. 

Bailer recruited the help of administrative assistants Dana Belmont and Amanda Blackwell to announce the campaign throughout the department and track the random acts of kindness people in the department noticed and submitted.

Over several weeks, the push for kindness gained momentum within the department. 

Completing acts of kindness became a goal, and a QR code and tracking system were developed. The campaign helped to remind everyone, even patients, that the little things matter, and people began to notice and appreciate the small acts of kindness being performed every day.

"We want to continue fostering a positive culture within the department, where kindness and compassion are at the forefront,” said Bailer. “It was inspiring to see how people embraced the campaign and went out of their way to do something nice for someone else."