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Gonzales News Article Lead ImageMartina Gonzalez Gomez, M.D., joins the UAB Department of Neurosurgery as Global Neurosurgery Program Manager II.

Gonzalez, born in Bogota, Colombia, earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from the Universidad de la Sabana in 2014 before working as a neurosurgical assistant physician in both public and private hospital settings in Colombia for more than five years.

She has experience in chronic pain management, neurotrauma in limited-resource settings and normal pressure hydrocephalus syndrome. 

Gonzalez obtained a Master of Science in Global Health with Global Surgery from King’s College London in 2022, where she focused her thesis on global neurosurgery. During this time, she also had the opportunity to participate in World Health Assembly side events promoting the prevention of neural tube defects through folic acid food fortification.  

Gonzalez is interested in global neurosurgery efforts to ensure accessible, safe and affordable neurosurgical care. She believes the key to success is collaborative and innovative educational strategies, high quality research, networking to create long-lasting global partnerships with other universities and organizations and focusing on multidisciplinary areas to engage in advocacy and policy making.