Across the globeThe University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Neurosurgery is no stranger to traveling the globe. Whether it is providing care or teaching others, our faculty are passionate about global neurosurgery.

Recently, Department of Neurosurgery Professors James Markert, M.D., MPH, Mark Hadley, M.D.,  and Jeffrey Blount, M.D., MPH, traveled domestically and internationally to share their expertise. Check out where they have been! 

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UAB Department of Neurosurgery James Garber Galbraith Endowed Chair of Neurosurgery James Markert, M.D., MPH, attended the 2022 Annual Meeting for the Society of University Neurosurgeons in Prague, Czech Republic to deliver a lecture titled "Immune Response to oncolytic Herpes Simplex Virus in the Treatment of Glioma".

About the lecture

Malignant glioma remains a daunting challenge for neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists but in particular for their patients, despite decades of research. These tumors have been largely resistant to the use of immunotherapy, presumably due to a combination of few neoantigens and low numbers of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, as well as high numbers of tumor-associated macrophages that suppress the immune response. We are studying the use of oncolytic herpes simplex virus as a potential mechanism to overcome this immune-resistant phenotype. Read more.


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UAB Department of Neurosurgery Charles A. and Patsy W. Collat Endowed Chair in Neurosurgery Mark Hadley. M.D., delivered the inaugural Dr. L. Nelson Hopkins, M.D. lecture at the University of Buffalo resident graduation. 

About the lecture

Hadley offered a tribute to Dr. Nick Hopkins, his career-long mentor and friend, and a lecture entitled “Acceleration”.  A formal black-tie dinner followed in honor of the residents in training, specifically, the graduating residents, fellows, and their families whom Dr. Hadley was asked to congratulate and encourage.


Blount articlecropUAB Department of Neurosurgery Professor and Director of the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Jeffrey Blount, M.D., MPH,  recently attended the Epilepsy Surgery Technique Meeting in Geneva and discussed the “Trajectory Planning in Pediatric SEEG”. 

About the Lecture

Stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) has become widespread in the U.S. during the past decade. Many pediatric neurosurgeons practicing SEEG may not have had experience with this technique during their formal training, and the literature is mostly limited to single-center series. As a result, implementation of this relatively new technique may vary at different institutions. Rozzelle and team hypothesized that aspects of SEEG experience, techniques, and outcomes would vary widely among programs across the country. Read more.


In addition, Jeffrey Blount, M.D., MPH, just returned from India, James Markert, M.D., MPH is going to Yale University next month, and Brandon Rocque, M.D., recently returned from Egypt!