June 18, 2013

UAB Health System announces reorganization

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The UAB Health System is in the process of reorganizing to meet changes in the health care environment and achieve AMC 21 strategic goals. The reorganization, which focuses on quality, efficiency and effectiveness, began June 1 and will continue over the next five to six months. 

Reorganization: We're Making More Steps Toward AMC21
UAB Health System CEO Will Ferniany, Ph.D., addresses in his blog the strategic changes that have already begun and those that will be introduced in the upcoming months. 

Reorganization Part 1: Quality
A new quality structure includes the formation of new positions, programs and initiatives to achieve AMC 21 goals and continue providing excellent patient care. 

Reorganization Part 2: COO
Reid Jones, UAHSF executive vice president and senior vice president of Ambulatory Services, was named to the new Chief Operating Officer position. 

Reorganization Part 3: ASO
A new Administrative Services Organization will allow for a more coordinated and efficient operation of Human Resources, Facilities, Parking and Transportation, and Police departments across all of UAB Medicine and UAB.