March 21, 2018

Cardan tapped to lead physics for Proton International at UAB

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Cardan 1Rex Cardan, Ph.D., a medical physicist with UAB for nearly 7 years, was officially named the lead physicist for the Proton International therapy center at UAB.

Previously, Cardan lead the physics support efforts at The Kirklin Clinic at Acton Road and The Cancer Center at Russell Medical Center. During his time connected with UAB, Cardan has helped to develop and improve UAB quality programs at each site, commissioned two new linear accelerators, and has overseen the treatment of thousands of patients. Along with his clinical service, he is a mentor in the physics residency program and is actively involved in the academic mission at UAB through leading talks at national conferences, working and publishing on advancing technology projects in radiation oncology, and developing open source software solutions used internationally to help win the fight against cancer.

In 2017, Cardan started Red Ion LLC, a startup company that has developed radiation oncology software for large hospitals and companies including Varian Medical Systems. At UAB, Cardan is widely known for his automation plan check software, “X-Check,” which inspects each patient treatment plan prior to delivery and has helped to deliver the safest treatments across all of the UAB sites. Focused on the future and passionate about advancing software automation systems in radiation oncology, Cardan continues to lead the way in software systems and help UAB shine a light in both the national and international landscapes.