October 31, 2018

Department of Medicine premieres faculty development videos

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Screen Shot 2018 10 31 at 1.59.11 PMWhen it comes to educating the next generation of physicians, academic medicine calls for talented doctors to train learners at all levels, from students to residents to fellows. However, just because someone is an efficient practitioner of medicine, doesn’t necessarily mean that they will innately be able to transfer their skills in a fast-paced and demanding training environment. In order to put their best foot forward as educators, even the best doctors need training regarding teaching methodology.

MedEd Moments is a new a video series that aim to provide strategic coaching for clinician-educators. “We wanted to give those who teach in a medical setting the resources to examine and refine their approach to instruction,” explains Lisa L. Willett, M.D., MACM, program director of UAB’s Tinsley Harrison Internal Medicine Residency Program. “It’s easy to think that just because I’ve been an attending physician for many years that I’m done with learning, but we must never stop exploring how to help our trainees master the principles we’re teaching. They deserve our best effort, and ultimately, so do our patients.”

The initial instructional video offers a six-minute session on “setting expectations” that addresses ways to minimize frustration to optimize student performance. The script was written by Willett, J. R. Hartig, M.D., program director for the combined medicine/pediatrics residency program, and Jason Morris M.D. “We filmed with our own faculty and trainees and tried to incorporate a little bit of levity into our approach,” said Hartig. “It was a lot of fun to do, and we’re already hearing from colleagues across the country that this a welcome tool for their professional development toolbox.”

Ultimately, the MedEd Moments series will cover other important and often unmet needs in topic areas including providing feedback, creating a positive learning climate, evaluation essential and more. “We’ve been dreaming of developing these videos for quite some time,” said Willett. “Having the first one under our belt means full steam ahead for the rest of the series.”

Watch the video online at uab.edu/mededmoments.