September 25, 2019

Selma Residency Hosts 'Medical Matters' Meetings

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The UAB Selma Family Medicine Residency Program (part of the UAB Montgomery Regional Medical Campus), Vaughn Regional Medical Center, and the Selma-Dallas County Public Library have joined forces to host a series of monthly “Medical Matters” community meetings. The meetings began Sept. 6 with a discussion of “Aging Well,” and a new health topic will be discussed each month for eight months. The next several Medical Matters meetings will explore women’s health, flu season, and emotional wellness.

“We’re trying to build trust with the community that should be there between a doctor and a patient,” Hamid Qazi, M.D., of the UAB Selma Family Medicine Residency Program, told the Selma Times-Journal. “We want to show them that they don’t have to keep running to Montgomery and Birmingham when there’s good care available here. Stay in Selma, we’ll take good care of you.”