March 11, 2020

UAB Medicine Office of Wellness launches Well-Being Index to all

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Collins with SOMThe UAB Medicine Office of Wellness is preparing to launch a new tool that tracks personal wellness called the Well-Being Index (WBI). Last year, the WBI was rolled out to UAB Medicine faculty, APPs, trainees, nurses, and medical students. On Wednesday, March 18, it will be offered to everyone in UAB Medicine.

What is the Well-Being Index?
The Well-Being Index is a 9-question survey based on research conducted by the Mayo Clinic. The brief online self-assessment presents immediate feedback to individuals, while providing corresponding tools that match the person’s wellness state. It empowers individuals to address their own well-being by offering an overview of work and personal wellness levels.

How does it work?
The assessment identifies individuals’ top three areas for growth and points them to local resources within the UAB enterprise or in Birmingham, and in some cases it presents national resources. Additionally, it tracks personal results over time. This feature allows the end-user to notice changes in their well-being with correlating life events. The tool also compares results to others in similar job roles at UAB Medicine and even on a national level. For example, faculty at UAB can anonymously compare themselves to faculty at other medical universities to see if their stress levels are similar to their peers. This allows users to see which areas they exceed in and which areas they may be more at risk.

UAB Medicine Office of Wellness
The UAB Medicine Office of Wellness is led by David Rogers, M.D., MHPE, chief wellness officer, and collaborates with UAB Medicine employees and students to support them on their wellness journey. The Well-Being Index tool contributes to the program’s vision to align with UAB Medicine’s organizational goal of being a preferred place to work. By reducing the unnecessary demands associated with work and by providing support programs, work-place wellness will undoubtedly improve.

Currently, the Office of Wellness utilizes several tools to help individuals maintain their wellbeing, including digital assessments, counseling services, resilience training, and professional development. The office accommodates several services in-house, such as mental health counseling and financial counseling.

On March 18, 2020, the Well-Being Index will be sent via email with information and instructions on how to participate. Keep an eye on your inbox for this unique invitation to take control of your well-being.