September 20, 2021

Video series dives into changes in medical education at UAB

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All month in September, the Road to Accreditation video series has focused on diving deeper into the changing landscape in medical education and how the School of Medicine is responding to it in order to successfully prepare students for residency and their careers.

In the first episode of the special series, James Willig, M.D., MSPH, speaks with Colin Quinn, GS2, about Entrustable Professional Activities and a new model that breaks EPAs into smaller pieces in order for faculty to give students more regular, actionable feedback. Willig shares how this EPA system has led to almost 800 observed clinical interactions in the clerkships so far this year.


Brook Hubner, Ph.D., director of Academic Success, spoke to Desalyn Johnson, MS3, on how our academic advisors will help students prepare for Step 1 as a pass/fail exam in the second installment. The advisors will use an updated scoring model to help students understand if they are at risk of not passing the test.


In this week’s piece, Todd Peterson, M.D., assistant dean for Students, talks with MS3 Priscila White on the elevated role Medical Student Performance Evaluations will play in residency applications now that there isn’t a numerical Step 1 score. They also discuss what residency interviews could look like in the future and whether the virtual interview will continue to be a part of the process.


For the final episode which will publish next Thursday, Sept. 30, Colin Quinn speaks with special guests Elise Lovell, M.D., program director in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Advocate Christ Medical Center and clinical associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Julie Story Byerley, M.D., MPH, interim dean at UNC Adams School of Dentistry and professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the UNC School of Medicine. Lovell and Byerley were leaders on the Coalition for Physician Accountability’s Undergraduate Medical Education-Graduate Medical Education Review Committee (UGRC), which recently released a report with recommendations to improve the transition from medical school to residency.

The Road to Accreditation series began in February 2021 to share different aspects of the re-accreditation that span across the SOM as the school moves toward its visit from the LCME in April 2022. Learn more about LCME Accreditation at and see the full playlist of Road to Accreditation videos on YouTube.