April 16, 2014

UAB Benevolent Fund: 5 Things You Need To Know

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BenevolentFundLogo1 sizedUAB's primary vehicle for charitable giving is its Benevolent Fund, which was created by employees to help the community. It benefits more than 120 local nonprofits as well as the UAB Employee Emergency Assistance Program.

1. Employee contributions to the Benevolent Fund allow UAB to do more for local agencies than if the gifts were made independently. 
The impact from UAB employees collectively giving makes a huge difference, versus employees giving an individual donation to agencies. All gifts are graciously accepted and appreciated in any amount, and giving is made easy through payroll deduction. In 2013, employees pledged more than $1.8 million to the Benevolent Fund, and the goal for 2014 is $1.85 million.

2. Employees may designate where their gift goes. 
Benevolent Fund donations may be designated for a particular agency from among the 120 that the fund benefits. Plus, UAB employees can direct their gift to as many as three agencies on the donation form.

3. The Benevolent Fund helps build community between UAB and the agencies it benefits. 
The relationship is mutually beneficial, as some of the organizations award dollars back to UAB through research grants. Also, some of the nonprofits UAB supports care for people in the community including UAB employees and their families. A strong healthy community ultimately benefits UAB.

4. The fund provides assistance to employees in need through the Employee Emergency Assistance Program. 
In 2013, UAB provided more than $192,000 in direct financial assistance to 174 employees through the EEAP. Those in need of assistance should contact the Benevolent Fund to see if they qualify either for medical reasons or due to circumstances such as fire, tornado, or other hardship.

5. The Benevolent Fund is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to build a home this year. 
It is the first time UAB is sponsoring an entire home, which amounts to $50,000 – the equivalent of each employee donating $2.50 to the fund. There will be multiple opportunities for employees to volunteer individually or as a group in October 2014. Those interested in volunteering should contact the Benevolent Fund office.

For more information or to donate to the Benevolent Fund, visit www.uab.edu/benfund. For questions, call 934-1581 or email benevolentfund@uab.edu.