March 27, 2013

Engagement surveys begins April 24

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Your feedback drives change in our organization and is ultimately what holds our leaders accountable.  The 2013 Faculty Engagement Survey, which launches April 24, is your opportunity to once again voice your opinion and help create the momentum that will move our organization forward. 

Answering to the results and comments from last year’s survey, our leaders have responded and made great strides to enhance existing processes, as well as created new organizational initiatives.  See how far we’ve traveled since the 2012 surveys:

Career Development
  • We committed to promoting awareness of the various training and professional development resources available at no cost through UAB Organizational Learning and Development.
  • Reaching for Excellence tools, Leadership Development Institute videos, and pillar goals tracking are now online at managers’ fingertips to help them become better coaches and leaders. 


  • Based on physicians’ feedback, we expanded and improved technologies and hired more resources in order to help make IMPACT and other daily resources communicate with each other as efficiently as possible. 
  • Rounding logs and stoplight reports were created to help you be heard at the departmental level, and we continue to have regular Town Halls at the entity level to distribute pertinent information to faculty and staff.
  • The Office of Communications has launched a news website and e-newsletter to showcase the work and accomplishment of the School of Medicine faculty, staff, and students to both internal and external audiences. Requests for news coverage or suggestions can be sent directly of the Communications office at


  • We are reinforcing the Reaching for Excellence practice of writing thank you notes because we recognize that a simple thank you goes a long way.
  • HR and entity leaders have established a Global Reward and Recognition Team to coordinate how to better recognize employees moving forward and establish best practices recommendations for managers to customize for their department and employees.


  • We aligned processes to help you be more efficient by creating an open enrollment period for benefits, rolling out the ONE card identification badge, and launching the global directory in Outlook.
  • We are reintroducing current employees to our brand and highlighting changes in our culture in the new “Discover UAB Medicine” series.
  • Employee perks and wellness programs have been expanded to better support employees needs for health, wellness, and balance.
  • We continue to evaluate challenges we face with parking in an urban environment and strive to continually make advances in the Transportation System.

Links to take both the Employee Engagement Survey and Faculty Engagement Survey will be live beginning April 24 through May 8. We will send more information about how to access the survey soon.