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Fountain Heights is a 1,188 square foot community inside the City of Birmingham with 8,923 residents. While Fountain Heights is reportedly the closest community in proximity to Birmingham’s downtown area, many residents lack safe transportation across the busy I-65 interstate. There are deserted and blighted homes in the community, making it difficult for residents to secure home insurance. The area is also a food desert and residents have little to no access to nutritious food.

The Fountain Heights Coalition was established in June, 2018 with 30 members representing residents, city officials, community partners, and interested stakeholders. They identified three issues affecting the health of the community: Access to Healthy Food, Pride in the Community, and Healthy Children and Families.

The Coalition developed a partnership with the Community Food Bank whose Mobile Grocery Market makes monthly visits to the community, offering fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy, and dry goods at wholesale prices. The Coalition will make improvements to the community garden, adding a water cistern and a farm stand with a produce washing station. Healthy Happy Kids was implemented at Tuggle Elementary School in spring of 2018, with 30 students learning to live healthier lives.