UAB Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has programs to meet the needs of women and their families. We have several research studies currently recruiting patients in our different divisions: 

  • Women's Reproductive Healthcare
  • Urogynecology Care and Pelvic Reconstruction Surgery
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine

Center for Women's Reproductive Health (CWRH) established in 1993, the mission of CWRH is to conduct research aimed at improving the reproductive health of all women, especially minority and under-served women and their families and to facilitate collaboration between UAB researchers and developing scholars interested in women's reproductive health issues.

The CWRH works in conjunction with UAB's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and many other disciplines across the campus — including the School of Health Related Professions, School of Medicine, School of Dentistry and School of Public Health — to conduct research aimed at improving the health of all women, especially minority and under-served women and their families. It aims to bring researchers interested in women's reproductive health issues into a more formal research collaboration.

The center also supports extensive education and graduate training programs for young investigators and scientists to develop research careers in the area of women's health.

The first floor of the CWRH houses 16 exam rooms, four consult rooms, laboratories and medical records. Special touches and a contemporary design allows for maximum patient comfort; while the four, self-contained, color-coordinated "pods" (each containing four patient rooms and a physician and nurse work area) allows multiple clinics to take place at one time. The third floor houses administrative offices, conference rooms and research work areas. The second floor will open in January 2008, and will contain clinical space for MFM and Genetics.

The Center's clinical research focus includes the following:

  • improvement of infant mortality and pregnancy outcomes (particularly in disadvantaged and minority populations as well as in  sub-Saharan Africa); prevention of premature labor;
  • infectious disease in pregnancy and its relationship to premature labor;
  • study of treatment strategies and their cost effectiveness in gynecological disorders such as infertility, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, pelvic inflammatory disease, menopause, pelvic relaxation/incontinence, and abnormal pap smears; study of treatment strategies aimed at cancerous gynecological disorders;
  • development of novel therapeutics in reproductive tract cancers; prevention of maternal to fetal HIV transmission;
  • evaluation of smoking cessation interventions; longitudinal studies aimed at nutrition status and intrauterine growth retardation and its relationship to child development; and cancer prevention and control.

The CWRH is also involved in basic/translational research, including extensive research activities in collaboration with the Division of Gene Therapy. These activities include the development of novel strategies to accomplish gene therapy for ovarian cancer and rapid implementation of these strategies into clinical protocols.

The Center is also involved in a number of service programs. The Colposcopy Clinic provides follow-up of abnormal pap smears for women referred by Jefferson and surrounding counties' public health departments, as well as consultation/medical directorship of their patient screening protocols. Center faculty are also involved in a service center, the Center for Genitourinary Disorders, that includes urogynecologists, urologists, geriatricians, health behaviorists, nurses and immunologists.