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The Art Project in the Palliative and Comfort Care Unit

The Art Project in the UAB Palliative and Comfort Care Unit is a focused committee composed of members of the UAB Palliative Medicine Program and the Birmingham visual arts community.  The committee is charged with securing appropriate representative works by local Birmingham area artists or collectors for permanent display in the inpatient Palliative and Comfort Care Unit.  This clinical unit is housed within the UAB Hospital complex and provides specialized care for patients with serious illness.  With an emphasis on enhancing the aesthetic of this unit to inspire a home like setting within a clinical institution, the primary goals of the Art Project are as follows:

        -  Secure donated works by local or national artists or collectors that are appropriate for
           display in this particular healthcare setting. Included in the works currently housed as
           part of the collection in the PCCU are pieces by local artists Frank Fleming, Scott
           Bennett, Dan Bynum, Alison DeCamillis, Ken Harrison and Todd Pierce as well as
           nationally known artists Elliott Hubbard, Jon Coffelt, and Robert Rauschenberg.
           Generous donations from area supporters and collectors as well as donated funds have
           allowed the purchase of several pieces for the PCCU including an etching of a famous
           Gees Bend Quilt.

        -  Advise and set policy regarding the long term vision and display of the art secured for
           this setting and secure the proper donor gift agreements within the UAB system.

        -  Work with the Palliative Medicine development staff to secure funds for the Art and                     Complementary Therapies Assistance Fund within the Palliative Medicine Program.

        -  Oversee the approval process and monitoring of expenditures from the Art and                           Complementary Therapies Assistance Fund

Art Committee Members           UAB Committee Members 

Eileen Kunzman, Community Volunteer                 Megann B. Cain, MPPM
Tommy Rosenstiel, MD, Artist in Community         Jennifer Hicks, MSHA MBA
David Corliss, Artist in Community                         Ashley Nichols, MD
Rhonda Gehman, Artist in Community                   Jackie Palmore, CHPN
Pam Powell, Artist in Community                            Rodney Tucker, MD, MMM

Art and Complementary Therapies

The provision of art and complementary therapies in the UAB Palliative and Comfort Care Unit is a collaborative effort between various departments within UAB and the local community.  In an effort to enhance the patient and caregiver experience, we provide inclusion of these therapies into the treatment plan for each patient.  Whether it is through music, visual art, pets, creative writing or journaling, we hope to provide care that meets the holistic needs of our patients.

The establishment of the Legacy Art Station within the family dining area of the PCCU in 2009 was guided by the Art Project Committee. In 2015 the Art Station was revitalized in loving memory of Terry Phillips, with continued support by the UAB Alumni Society. The retitled Hidden Valley Art Station now serves as a focal point for the creative process for families while staying with their loved ones on the Palliative and Comfort Care Unit. 

For any questions or concerns, contact:

Jackie Palmore, RN, BSN, CHPN
Jackie Palmore

Email:  jpalmore@uabmc.edu
Phone:(205) 975-0826