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This three-hour skills-based training incorporates videos created by the African American community to elicit empathy and shed light on biases in clinical care. Self-reflection and active learning techniques provide participants the foundation needed for changed behavior and improved communication with patients and caregivers. 

Participants Will Experience

A brief overview of the importance and relevance of culture in communication with African American older adults with a serious illness.

A series of 3 videos developed by a Community Advisory Group of Southern, rural, African American pastors and healthcare professionals. Each short video highlights a particular culturally based value and preference for clinicians to follow when communicating with southern, rural, African Americans with a serious or lifelimiting illness.

A skills-based communication training program. These training methods have been found to result in changes in clinician behavior and improved patient and family experience in conversations about prognosis and goals of care.

An overview of the cultural importance of religion in the lives and coping abilities of African Americans.

To learn more about training contact:

Moneka ThompsonMoneka Thompson, MDiv, MA
Spiritual Care Manager
Email: monekathompson@uabmc.edu