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As one of the largest tertiary care centers in the Southeast, UAB is equipped to treat all aspects of pancreatobiliary disease.

Because pancreatobiliary disease can be challenging and difficult to treat, many patients are best seen at a major academic medical center such as UAB, which can provide cutting-edge treatments and services that may not be available in local hospitals.

As a state-wide referral center, the Pancreatobiliary Disease Center seeks to fill the gaps from local medical providers. UAB is able to offer the latest in surgical and medical treatment approaches, as well as tumor sequencing. The PDC also conducts data collection and outcomes research, so we are able to select the best therapeutic approach for each patient based on the accumulated data available, ensuring that we offer each patient the best option for their situation. UAB also offers access to genetic testing and research opportunities, including participation in innovative clinical trials.

Our team is committed to providing immediate consultations and care for your patients. For physician-to-physician consultations or immediate referals, call 1-800-UAB-MIST (800.822.6478).  For clinical, non-timely referals, call 833-UAB-4PDC (833-822-4732).