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The UAB Department of Pediatrics (DOP) receives many requests from various types of individuals who wish to visit the department as an Observer, someone to observe patient care. These activities are encouraged and strengthen the teaching mission and the spirit of collaboration of the department. Since patient care is provided by the DOP at both Children’s of Alabama (COA) and the UAB Hospital, both the DOP Chair and the respective hospital Medical Staff Office must approve any observership before it begins.

A faculty sponsor is required. This sponsor must be a faculty member in Pediatrics and an active member of the medical staff of the respective hospital. The sponsor will serve as the point of contact. It is the sponsor’s duty to obtain all required documentation and approval.

Required Documentation

  1. DOP observer confirmation letter, signed by both the sponsor and division director, which clearly outlines the goals and objectives of the observership.

  2. Copy of Passport and I-94 card (if applicable).

  3. Proof of required immunizations. Anyone participating in an observership must show documented proof of a recent TB skin test, screening and immunization or have titers drawn for Varicella (Chicken Pox), Measles (Rubella and Rubeola), and Hepatitis B. Observers must also have proof of a flu shot if visiting during an active flu season.

  4. A recent curriculum vitae or resume.

  5. Completed observer packet respectively for either COA or UAB.

    • For UAB, HIPAA training is required: Shelia Searson, UABHS HSIS Management Office, 205-996-5051 (ssearson@uab.edu)

Once the sponsor has obtained the requirements outlined above, all documents should be submitted to pedsobserver@peds.uab.edu for review and approval. A letter of support from the Chair of the department will be added to the packet for submission to the respective Medical Staff Office for approval.

When fully approved, the observer may obtain a temporary ID badge which must be worn at all times while on campus (please note that an ID badge will NOT be issued if all steps are not complete). The badge should be returned to the sponsor upon completion of the observership. ID badges may be obtained as follows:

    • COA – Security Office, Children’s Park Place (1600 5th Ave S, 1st Floor – enter from 16th St)
    • UAB – Human Resources Office, 1st Floor of Russell Ambulatory (One Card Form Required)

For questions or to obtain forms, please contact Whitney Edge



(Revised 10/9/2014)